Consulting Services

Facilitation / Coaching


Visioning: facilitate groups to create the future and make it happen
Off-site meeting: design for your needs and facilitate the session
Change Leadership: guide leaders to move their people and their organization through change effectively and efficiently

We bring the processes for people to engage in the business.

Implementation / Organization


ZoomingSales CRM: your customized Lead Generation process
Entrepreneurial Operating System® (Using Traction® by Gino Wickman): make it work for your organization
Goal setting and project charters
Accountability processes

We help take visions and aspirations and drive action through goal setting, project charters and accountability tools.

Training & Development / Presentations


Training Workshops include (not limited to):
Lead Meetings People WANT to Attend
Project Management for non-Project Managers
On-the-job training
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (certified)

We teach leaders the skills they need to lead and to engage their people. We teach individuals the skills they need to be successful in the workplace.