Build Shop Floor Supervisors into Leaders

We work with you to create successful supervisors



  • Their shop floor supervisors, managers and leads are critical to the success of their business.

  • They can address the workforce shortage by developing their people and engaging them in using their talents to improve the business

  • Successful Lean, Continuous Improvement and EOS initiatives are dependent on effective shop floor leadership


Effective Training & Development

Use practical, hands-on activities and assignments to apply what they learn back on the job. This enhances learning, retention and, ultimately, behavior change.


Create a Coaching Environment

Having a work environment that supports and reinforces the newly learned behaviors through day-to-day coaching helps new behaviors emerge and stick.



“One key skill that makes Gayle successful with shop floor supervisors is her ability to meet people where they’re at and help them get to a new place, energized and confident. It’s ‘caring backed by competence’.”

— Rob Tracy, President & Founder, Rob Tracy Factory Solutions