Supervisor Success Process

Our Supervisor Success Process works to build the leadership skills of Supervisors and Leads and puts a system in place to maintain these leaders and build new leaders in the future.



  • We understand your desired business impact.

  • We determine the current state of your Supervisor and Lead leadership skill level and their surrounding environment.

Implementation Roadmap

  • We provide a report of the assessment findings and review it with the company leaders.

  • We create a High-level Implementation Roadmap to address the reported findings.


Create the Infrastructure

  • We work with the company to address the issues found in the assessment.

Implement the Development Cycle

We work with the company to develop a continuous 90 Day Cycle of Development:

  • 90 Day Plan - The company identifies groups and skills to be developed

  • Do it! - We providing learning and guide the company coaches

  • Check - We see how the new behaviors are working back on the job

  • Adjust - We revise the process as need and help operationalize the process so it continues into the future.

Development is a journey, not an event!